What Is an E-Rig for Dabbing?

While plenty of consumers continue to use traditional blowtorch dab rigs, e-rigs have many benefits that separate them from conventional dab rigs. E-rigs, short for electronic dab rigs and also sometimes called smart rigs, are still a relatively new technology and are continually getting better.

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The benefits of using an e-rig will depend on the particular e-rig, but one thing they all have in common is the torchless heat source. Instead of lighting a butane dab torch, consumers simply heat their e-rig at the push of a button. Quite honestly, that alone makes all the difference for a lot of people. But there are lots of other things to consider, and we will go over some of those other benefits below.

Overview of E-Rigs

E-rigs come in different sizes and shapes and at different price points. The “original smart rig,” the Puffco Peak, is still one of the best.

Other rigs are more affordable and still get the job done. While e-rigs under $200 will suffer some in the quality department, not everyone needs the complete package. Beginners will be happy with the Dr. Dabber Boost, for example. The Boost offers many of the qualities of the full-featured Dr. Dabber Switch, but doesn’t allow fine-tuning of temperature.

As more and more e-rigs enter the very young market, some will set themselves apart with unique features such as wireless charging or more versatile atomizer choices.

Benefits of Using an E-Rig

1. E-rigs allow for more temperature control.

Unlike conventional dab rigs, bongs, and pipes that require a blowtorch or lighter, e-rigs allow precise temperature control at the push of a button. Some e-rigs will offer multiple temperature presets, while others provide a wide temperature range, sometimes customizable to the degree, for maximum precision.

2. E-rigs allow a more customized experience.

As mentioned above, some e-rigs allow customization of temperature down to one degree. E-rigs are also customizable in other ways. Leading rigs such as the Focus V Carta and the Dr. Dabber Switch can vape both concentrated oil and dry herb. The best rigs allow you to switch your atomizer (or “atty”) to customize your vapor cloud. Common options include quartz attys for dense, room-filling clouds, and ceramic attys to maximize flavor. Some e-rigs have unique features that set them apart. The Pulsar RöK, for example, features a session control function called RöK Mode. One squeeze of Pulsar’s “Dab Trigger” starts a 30-second sesh, during which you can vape nonstop without pressing any buttons. The Puffco Peak also offers an extended session mode.

3. E-rigs are safer because they eliminate the need for a torch.

Let’s be real here. Dab rigs traditionally require using a freaking blowtorch, and that is just not going to appeal to everyone. Safety-conscious consumers or those who simply prefer the simplicity of pressing a button will want to choose electric-powered rigs vs. butane torch-lit rigs. For some, dabbing is much less intimidating thanks to e-rigs.

4. E-rigs are often easy to use on the go.

Many of the most popular e-rigs on the market are portable and battery-powered. Some are extremely portable. We’re talking about rigs like the Dr. Dabber Boost, the Xvape Vista Mini, and the Pulsar RöK. The more compact your rig is, the fewer features it is likely to have, so you’ll want to weigh the costs and benefits.

5. E-rigs can stay charged all day for convenience.

One potential downside of electric vs. traditional dab rigs is that you have to remember to charge your smart rig. But that isn’t necessarily a problem. The Dr. Dabber Switch, for example, can provide up to 150 uses on just one hour-long charge.

6. E-rigs are easy to clean.

While you will still want to clean your glass parts regularly with cotton swabs and solution (see the ZC Glass Klean Kaddy), smart rigs can be easier to clean than traditional dab rigs. E-rigs can be broken down for easier cleaning of individual parts.

7. Some e-rigs feature Bluetooth and app functionality.

They say there’s an app for everything these days, and e-rigs are no exception. While not all e-rigs have this capability yet, you can expect more and more to get on board. The Carta app for the Focus V Carta makes fine-tuning your temperature settings as easy as sending a text. The Loto Legend app allows you to update the rig’s firmware or software, maximizing its capabilities.

The Ecosystem of E-Rigs and Kits

Smarter and more enlightened consumers (we should mention better looking, too) will take advantage of the many expertly curated e-rig bundles available. Sure, the Puffco Peak by itself is a great deal. But chances are, once novice Peak users get some experience under their belts, they will want to accessorize. Anyone in the dab game for the long haul would do well to save a little and upgrade to the Pro Dabbers Package. This A to Z bundle includes the RosinBomb Rocket Rosin Press, the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter, and some essential concentrate tools for perfecting rosin or concentrates before dabbing.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope readers benefited from this overview of e-rigs. Even those who ultimately go with a conventional torch dab rig should know their options.

Speaking of which, we shouldn’t neglect to mention that people who already own a traditional dab rig can get in on the fun too. Consumers who are happy with their dab rig but want the benefits of an e-rig need not trade it in. The G Pen Connect attaches to a dab rig and effectively converts it into an e-rig. It can be had for the price of a lower-end e-rig.

Do you own an e-rig? Share your experiences with e-rigs or smart dab rigs in the comments below.

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