Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White) Bundle with Milk Container and Coffee Canister

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Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White)

  • Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White)
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Jura Glass Milk Container

JURA CLEARYL Smart+ Filter Cartridge Water Stabilizer with RFID Technology and TÜV-Certified Hygiene

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Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White)

The latest generation of JURA’s most successful coffee machine model boasts a reinterpreted design and a range of benefits previously found only in the premium class. The Professional Aroma Grinder delivers a flawless grinding result, brewing processes allow the coffee aromas to fully develop and trend specialties are better than ever thanks to the airy, feather-light milk foam. The innovative E8 offers 17 different specialties – from an aromatic espresso to a trendy cortado. It can also prepare long, mild specialties such as caffè Barista and lungo Barista to professional barista standard thanks to a new fluid system. Those who like their coffee more intense can pep up their cappuccino, flat white, or latte macchiato using the Extra Shot function.

Optimised Fluid System

With the optimized fluid system, even milk system cleaning is carried out automatically at the touch of a button. What’s more, it now boasts even more intuitive handling along with incredibly easy operation.

First-Class Coffee Quality

The Professional Aroma Grinder guarantees 12.2% more aroma and consistently high grind quality so that flavors unfold to perfection throughout the entire service life of the grinder. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) ensures maximum flavor for short specialties, while intelligent preheating guarantees the ideal temperature right from the first cup.

Luxurious Operation

A 2.8-inch color display, six buttons, and a completely new operating concept featuring artificial intelligence enable simple handling. An intelligent algorithm identifies individual preferences and adapts the start screen so the user’s two or four favorite specialties are always displayed. Product settings and their positions on the screen can be adapted in line with personal preferences and product names can be displayed or hidden. All relevant information regarding the coffee machine as well as pending care instructions is presented clearly in the Cockpit via the display.

One-Touch Milk System Cleaning

The sophisticated milk system cleaning process takes place automatically at the touch of a button and is completed in no time. The drip tray also meets the highest ergonomic standards. Its design prevents water from spilling and it can be removed conveniently with just one hand.

Harmonious Design

JURA coffee machines feature a clean and expressive characteristic design. High-quality materials and precise craftsmanship underline the premium quality of the modern E8. Its styling alone is evidence of its quality, functionality, and durability. Details such as the grooved water tank or the high-quality, chrome-plated cup grille perfectly complement the clean, harmonious design of the E8.

Jura Glass Milk Container

The Jura Glass Milk Container makes an indispensable addition for all coffee lovers who like to spoil their family and guests from time to time with a trendy flat white, latte macchiato or cappuccino. Perfectly harmonized with the typical lines of JURA design, it is easy to store in the refrigerator and connect up to the coffee machine as and when required. The milk lance is connected at just the right height to allow the milk to be drawn in and frothed with ease. The container holds up to 0.5 liters and is dishwasher-safe.

Milk Flow

The milk pipe is connected to the cover and preparation can be started. The simple plug connections ensure that the route the milk follows is totally clean. The outer area of the milk pipe, which is often dirty, never comes into direct contact with the milk.

High Quality

The high-quality glass container and the stainless steel milk lance are ideal for storing milk as they are taste-neutral.

Easy to Store

The glass milk container is very manageable and can be easily stored in the refrigerator door.

Easy to Clean

Since they have a smooth surface and are suitable for dishwashers, glass and stainless steel are nice and easy to clean.

JURA CLEARYL Smart+ Filter Cartridge Water Stabilizer with RFID Technology and TÜV-Certified Hygiene

If you love a cup of aromatic coffee, then the JURA CLEARYL Smart+ is just the thing for you. It has revolutionized the water filtration process. Offering greater hygiene in every drop, the CLEARYL Smart+ enhances the product life and protection of your coffee machine. The secret to a great cup of coffee has been revealed!

Operating Mechanism

The CLEARYL Smart+ filter features a capsule in its lower end that contains natural active ingredients that possess the ability to stabilize water in the tank. It diminishes limescale deposits in the tank base and is fully dependent on the natural movement of the water inside the tank. This unique process does not require additional energy or a special mechanism. The upper part of the filter utilizes the up-flow principle to use ion exchange and activated carbon to filter the ideal amount of water for that perfect cup.

Automatic Detection

The JURA Clearly Smart+ Filter Cartridge features RFID technology that can instantly recognize the filter on insertion. This prompts it to automatically activate the appropriate mode. The cartridge continually collects information regarding the filter and immediately alerts the user when the filter's capacity exhausts. This makes filter tracking easier than ever and allows the user to make the most of the filter’s life.

Reduced Limescale and Optimal Cleanliness

The CLEARYL Smart+ uses the up-flow principle to measure and give you the perfect amount of water required for your coffee. In addition to this efficient method, the filter cartridge encourages the natural movement of the water inside the tank, which helps minimize limescale deposits by stabilizing the water through contact. This simple yet effective step ensures optimal levels of cleanliness and water hygiene.

Works with All Kinds of Water

The filter cartridge boasts of being versatile enough to work with all kinds of mains water. The granules of the capsule inside the CLEARYL Smart+ filter diminish calcium carbonate even when the water hardness is extremely low. It further removes flavor-impairing substances like chlorine and minimizes the levels of harmful substances in water. However, the filter retains essential minerals that enhance the water’s flavor. This stabilization process and the effective filtration steps ensure that your cup of coffee is prepared while keeping intact the highest level of water hygiene to give it an enhanced aroma.

Detects Filter Automatically

The CLEARYL Smart+ filter automatically detects the insertion of a filter. The benefit of this Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.) feature is that it enables the communication between the filter and the coffee machine and prompts the filter to start rinsing. As soon as the filter reaches its capacity, the coffee machine alerts the user to change the filter. If the user does not change the filter, then the machine activates the descaling mode. After a few uses, the user gets prompted to descale the machine, and this is only possible when the filter is removed, thereby minimizing the risk of user error.

Enhances the Flavor of Specialty Coffees

The JURA CLEARYL Smart+ filter cartridge gives you the ideal water quality that enhances the flavor and aroma of specialty coffees. The hardness of water will determine the capacity of the filter and, hence, its duration of service.

Certified by International Testing Organization TUV

The JURA coffee machines are renowned for their hygiene quotient. The machines are certified by the independent international testing organization TÜV, Rheinland. The coffee machines guarantee hygiene and cleanliness at the highest level.

Eliminates Limescale Deposit

Limescale deposits occur when water is heated. Such deposits narrow down the pipes and affect the heating, which results in higher energy consumption and may even break down the machine. This negative effect of limescale deposits has a negative effect on the aroma and flavor of coffee, leaving an unpleasant taste.

No Need for Descaling

In most places, tap water contains traces of lead, copper, aluminum, and chlorine, along with calcium, minerals, and fluorides. On installing the CLEARYL Smart+ filter, the water is filtered free from harmful substances but keeps the important fluorides which enhance the flavors of artisanal coffees

Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White) Bundle with Milk Container and Coffee Canister


Power1450 W

Jura E8 Automatic Espresso Machine (Piano White)


Power1450 W

Jura Glass Milk Container


Capacity16 oz
Pack SizeSingle Pack
Size29" & Under

JURA CLEARYL Smart+ Filter Cartridge Water Stabilizer with RFID Technology and TÜV-Certified Hygiene


Pack SizeSingle Pack

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