NuWave Oven Red Pro Plus with Clear Dome

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NuWave Oven Red Pro Plus with Clear Dome

  • NuWave Pro Plus Oven with Clear Dome

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NuWave Oven Red Pro Plus with Clear Dome

The NuWave Oven Pro Plus is a convenient and easy-to-use oven with intuitive Touch N' Go digital controls to cook your favorite foods at the push of a button. Triple Combo Cooking means it is capable of infrared, conduction and convection cooking, but it takes 75% less energy and cooks 70% faster than a standard oven. Advanced digital temperature controls allow you to cook between 100 and 350 degrees Fahrenheit in 1-degree increments.

Furthermore, the Oven Pro Plus has "Warm", "Reheat" and "Delay" settings to customize your meal. This oven is spacious enough to cook an up to 10-pound turkey. This all-in-one appliance can bake, broil, barbecue, roast, grill, steam, sear and air fry, and even cook foods directly from frozen without defrosting or preheating. Home cooking is easier with the NuWave Oven Pro Plus.

Touch N' Go Control Panel

The Oven Pro Plus is a smart countertop oven with intuitive controls and professional results. Select the cooking temperature, time and then press start. No need to preheat or defrost; this oven is as simple as it gets.

Versatile Cooking

The Oven Pro Plus is capable of various cooking techniques to produce practically any kind of meal or snack:

  • Bake
  • Broil
  • Roast
  • Grill
  • Steam
  • Dehydrate
  • Barbecue
  • Air-fry

Triple Combo Cooking

Three cooking types fit your needs:

  • Infrared heat penetrates the surface of your food, cooking the inside and outside simultaneously. This means the inside will be fully cooked, and the outside won’t burn or overcook.
  • Conduction cooking is when heat is generated inside the oven to cook the surface of the food.
  • Convection cooking uses a fan that circulates the heat around your food and evenly cooks all sides.

Warm, Reheat and Delay

The oven provides buttons for "Warm", "Reheat" and "Delay", allowing you to use it for whatever your needs are. The "Warm" setting keeps your food warm for two hours at a default of 155 degrees, while the "Reheat" setting defaults to 350 degrees for 4 minutes.

Make Food Precisely to Your Liking

Because the precise temperature control of the NuWave Oven lets you adjust in 1-degree increments, you never have to guess. Get precision whether searing a steak at 350°F or keeping a plate warm at a temperature as low as 100°F.

Upgrade Your Microwave

Your microwave and the NuWave Oven both offer fast and convenient cooking, but the comparisons end there. This oven gets better, healthier and tastier results. Microwave ovens work by zapping the moisture out and leaving your food dry and unevenly cooked. The Triple Combo Cooking power of this oven evenly cooks and beats both your microwave and your conventional oven.

Less Energy, Faster Cooking

Using only 0.1 kilowatts per hour to operate, the Oven Pro Plus takes 75 percent less energy and provides 70 percent faster cooking than your typical oven. Many conventional ovens require up to 4000 watts to operate, but this oven uses just 1500 watts. Saving so much on time and in energy costs means the NuWave Oven pays for itself.

Healthier and Safer

The NuWave Oven is RoHS compliant, meaning the materials and toxicological profiles contain a concentration of less than 0.1% of dangerous toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Also, the oven was tested by a third party laboratory to release up to 250% more fat drippings than conventional ovens. Cook your meal worry-free and reduce your fat and oil intake. The Oven Pro Plus even reduces the carcinogens that cause cancer, because it cooks at lower temperatures than conventional ovens and gas grills.



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