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Focus Camera is saying "thank you" this holiday season by giving back! We're showing customer appreciation by hosting a grand prize contest giveaway EVERY DAY until 12/23/2022. You heard correctly; every day, you'll have a chance to win up to $600 worth of FREE prizes from various categories. Win cameras, optics, audio gear, home goods, kitchen supplies, outdoor gear, & more.

Entering the sweepstakes is fast and easy. Just subscribe to Focus Camera's email list, pick your interest categories, and you're in. The winning prizes will be based on the types of interest you've selected. So, what're you waiting for? Sign up today and win BIG!

Classic camera & video gear you'll love

Focus Camera holds a special place for all you fantastic photography and video enthusiasts. We've got a bunch of excellent photography gear and bundle prizes you can win. You'll love our camera-related prizes, from classic vintage film cameras to quality instant photo printers.

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Essential home & kitchen appliances

Win free home goods, from the best cooking and cleaning supplies to classic games for a family fun night. Free kitchenware skillets, glass sets, portable pizza ovens, dicers, and more to spice up cooking and baking. Other home goods include power vacuums and smart home security cams.

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Scopes & optics for every adventure

Calling all hikers, wildlife and birdwatchers, hunters, and golfers. You'll want to get a closer look at these fine prize optics and scopes. From high-end binoculars and trail camera gear to exceptional telescopes, check out all the potential prizes you can win.

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Acclaimed audio & podcasting gear

Do you know what sounds fantastic? Free audio gear! We've got the ultimate audio setups for podcasters, vocalists, and musicians. Want an acoustic-electric guitar, got it. How about headphones and earbuds? Check. Don't even get us started on all the great audio interfaces, mics, keyboards, DJ kits, and more. All here, all winnable.

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Refreshing coffee & tea makers

Tea time, anyone? With great tea and coffee essentials, you'll have plenty of time for that. Take delight in freshly brewed coffee with our astounding coffee makers or win other enjoyable cookware sets —bone appétit. 

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Outdoor gear for any time of year

Oh yes, win the best outdoor supplies Lifestyle has to offer. Be the talk of the town, and win a free gas grill, electric space heater, propane heater, mosquito trap, or more. Whether you plan on grilling outdoors or want to stay warm while enjoying the view, we've got you covered.

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Frequently asked questions

To become eligible for Focus Camera's 'Grand Giveaway Everyday' sweepstake drawing, you must be subscribed to Focus Camera's exclusive offer list. Unfortunately, international entries will not be permitted; you must be a legal resident of the 48 neighboring United States or the District of Columbia to qualify for this drawing (See full terms and conditions for more details).

This is a limited-time sweepstake effective from 11/18/2022 to 12/23/2022.

Yes. If you are already subscribed, you will be automatically entered into our sweepstakes pool, and no further steps will be required. From now until 12/23/2022, you can check your email daily to see if you've been selected as one of Focus Camera's sweepstake winners. You will be notified via the email originally used to subscribe to Focus Camera.

There is a wide variety of items that winning recipients may receive. The category of products includes photography gear, audio, outdoor gear, scopes/optics, home goods, games, cleaning supplies, and kitchenware.

Focus Camera will contact the winning recipient of each sweepstake drawing via the same email address they used to subscribe. This will be the only form of communication for all prize giveaways. Please keep in mind there will be at least one winner daily. We recommend you check your email daily to see if you've won until the end of our sweepstake on 12/23/2022.

Winners will only be entitled to the original prize item preselected by Focus Camera. If you are unsure what you have won, please refer to the initial Focus Camera email sent to inform you of your winning status. This email will contain the specific prize you can claim and the date you won. You will not be allowed to claim or swap for a separate item, trade items for cash, Focus Camera gift cards, or any additional substitutes.

If you've missed Focus Camera's email notifying you of your sweepstake win, it is completely fine to claim your winning prize on another date after, as long as it is within our 30-day grace period. This period will immediately be effective starting from the day your winning status email was delivered. After exceeding the 30-day grace period, Focus Camera reserves the right to nullify the winner's claim to their prize.

All participants of Focus Camera's daily sweepstakes will be pulled from a random selection. No one is allowed more than one entry, nor can previous winners win again, making this an equal opportunity sweepstake.

Terms & Conditions:
This limited-time sweepstake is effective from 11/18/2022 to 12/23/2022 (Monday - Friday only); some terms and conditions apply. To qualify for the sweepstake entry, all participants must be signed up to Focus Camera's email subscription list, providing a valid email address. Customer must be a legal resident of the 48 contiguous United States and the District of Columbia to qualify. Starting XXX, Focus Camera will select a minimum of 1 recipient a day as the sole winner(s) for each separate sweepstakes drawing. The selected sweepstakes winners will be notified via the same email address used to subscribe to Focus Camera. Sweepstakes winners will receive one promo code only redeemable for the winning prize item determined by Focus Camera. Winners must use the applicable code during the online checkout and complete the process to receive their prize item free of charge. Each sweepstakes winner will receive one promo code that can only be redeemed once for a free item claim. Customers may not qualify for this offer more than once, receive more than one free item, or swap original prize items for substitutes of any kind. All winners will have 30 days upon receiving Focus Camera's designated winner notification email to collect their free item before item claim is no longer permitted. Focus Camera, in its sole discretion, may refuse to redeem any giveaway that it believes to be fraudulently or improperly obtained. Focus Camera is not held accountable for the damage, malfunction, delay, loss, or misplacement of any prize items once claimed.