Mosquito Barrier MBQUARTSX20 Liquid Spray Repellent 1 Gallon 5-pack


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Mosquito Barrier MBQUARTSX20 Liquid Spray Repellent 1 Gallon 5-pack

Mosquito Czar's One Gallon Mosquito Barrier is a 100% Organic and natural alternative to dangerous insect repellents and pesticides. Mosquito Barrier is a highly concentrated 93.3% pure garlic extract. It is designed to be diluted in water and sprayed on lawns, landscaping, gardens and all foliage (weeds, trees, shrubs)to kill, repel and deter mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and other soft bodied insects (like aphids, chiggers - red bugs) from your yard, garden or property and playing fields. When first sprayed, the natural sulfers in the Mosquito Barrier kill the mosquitoes which are struck by the spray, afterwards mosquitoes will detect the garlic sulfers and avoid entering the area for two weeks and longer. While you can not smell the garlic any longer, the mosquitoes can. Typical application for the homeowner is with a pump type sprayer (1 to 2 gallon capacity). A detailed mixing and application instruction brochure is provided with each order and includes large area and commercial fogger applications.

Mosquito Barrier Liquid Mosquito Repellent (1 Gallon)

Spray safe! Now you can get rid of mosquitoes without chemicals. Thanks to the innovative Mosquito Barrier with potent garlic liquid formula you don’t have to worry about harm to pets ot children. Mosquito barrier is your answer to no-chemical no poison insect repellent! The liquid garlic formula is very powerful as it instantly kills mosquitoes and has even shown to work against ticks, fleas, fire ants, and gnats while keeping butterflies and bees safe from harm. The garlic formula has natural sulfur which repels mosquitoes by keeping them away from the sprayed area for nearly 3 - 4 weeks.

How to Apply Mosquito Barrier

You do not need an expensive backpack sprayer you can spray mosquito barrier with just any regular pump sprayer from your local hardware store. It is advisable not to spray foliage if it is wet or if rain is expected. You can apply the formula on a dry lawn without turning on the sprinklers for 48 hours. If there is stagnant water, which is the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes, you can add canola oil to the mixture. For each one gallon of water add 4 ounces of mosquito barrier plus 2 ounces of canola oil. 

Precautionary Measures and Safety

Mosquito Barrier is 100% safe to use around children and pets, it will by no means pose any harm to your pets or kids. As a precautionary measure it is not recommended that you spray Mosquito Barrier on your children. Although it is safe it will not keep insects away when sprayed on people. Horses will still be able to eat the grass sprayed with Mosquito Barrier.

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