West System 105A Epoxy Resin with 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener and 300 Mini Pumps Set

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West System 105A Epoxy Resin (32 fl oz)

West System 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener (10.6 fl oz)

West System 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set (3-Pack)

  • West System 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set (3-Pack)
    • 105 Epoxy Resin Pump
    • 205/206 Epoxy Hardener Pump
    • 207/209 Epoxy Hardener Pump
    • 3 x Extension Tubes for Group Size A Containers

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West System 105A Epoxy Resin with 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener and 300 Mini Pumps Set

This Lifestyle By Focus bundle contains a West System 105A Epoxy Resin Container (32 fl oz), 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener Container (10.6 fl oz), and 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set (3-Pack). Blended with 105 Epoxy Resin, 207 Special Clear Epoxy Hardener will not blush or turn cloudy in humid conditions. Thin film applications roll out and tip off smoothly, requiring less sanding in preparation for finish coatings.

West System 105A Epoxy Resin (32 fl oz)

This 105A Epoxy Resin is the base material on which all West System 105 System epoxy compounds are built. It is a clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Blended with hardener at the proper ratio, it cures to a hard, solid plastic with superior physical properties. Based on which hardener you choose, it cures at a wide range of temperatures. Once cured, it forms a high-strength solid that is functionally waterproof, and highly resistant to moisture. The West System 105A Epoxy Resin is designed to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass, and reinforcing fabrics. It also bonds well with a variety of metals when mixed at the proper ratio with a West System Epoxy hardener.

No Strong Solvent Odor

105 Epoxy Resin is formulated without volatile solvents and does not shrink after curing. It has a relatively high flash point and no strong solvent odor, making it safer to work with than polyester or vinylester resins. Resin viscosity is approximately 1000 centipoise (cP) at 72-degree-F (22-degree-C).

Thickening Epoxy

Modifying this epoxy with West System fillers creates an excellent structural adhesive or fairing compound. You choose the filler that suits your project. Epoxy thickened with adhesive (high-density) fillers makes structural bonds, bridges gaps, and fills voids. Epoxy thickened with fairing (low-density) fillers is easily sanded and shaped after it cures.

Great Coating Material

This epoxy is also a great coating material. With roller applications, it has excellent thin film characteristics, allowing it to flow out and self-level without fish-eyeing. By combining it with blush-free 207 Special Clear Hardener (sold separately), you can create a natural finish when coated with varnish. This is a good alternative that builds mil thickness quickly, saving time and effort. The results are long-lasting.

Epoxy’s Cure Stages

Mixing 105 Epoxy Resin with a hardener begins a chemical reaction that transforms the combined liquid ingredients to a solid. This period of transformation is the cure time. As it cures, epoxy passes from the liquid state, through a gel state, before it reaches a solid state.

Batch Size and Cure Speed

You need to know that in larger quantities, epoxy cures much faster. This is because epoxy generates heat as it cures and also cures faster at higher temperatures. This snowball effect increases until the epoxy cures—which in very large batches could take only a couple of minutes. Large pots of mixed epoxy can generate enough heat to cause a runaway exothermic reaction. This includes fumes, melting the mixing cup or even starting a fire. Spreading epoxy thin allows the heat to dissipate and slows its cure.

Epoxy Casting

West System Epoxy has a very low percentage of shrinkage. In fact, the standards used to calculate shrinkage of other resins (polyester and vinyl ester) aren’t used with West System because it shrinks so little to measure that way. When epoxy is used to fill holes drilled into wood, it will soak into the end grain. This might look like shrinkage, but it’s not.

West System Epoxy

Based on 105 Epoxy Resin, West System Epoxy is a versatile low-viscosity epoxy system. It is used for boat building, composite construction and repairs that require high-strength, waterproof coating, bonding, and filling. It readily wets out fabrics and porous materials, and is easily modified for a wide range of working conditions and applications. West System Epoxy is the world’s most reliable and widely used marine epoxy.

Clamping Force

Unlike traditional wood glues, West System Epoxy is stronger than wood. Because of this, it is beneficial to have some epoxy between the objects you are gluing together whether they are wood, fiberglass, or other materials. As long as the epoxy is contacting the entire surface of both substrates, no clamping pressure is needed.

West System 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener (10.6 fl oz)

Blush-free 207 Special Clear Hardener from West System was developed for coating and fiberglass cloth application where an exceptionally clear, moisture-resistant, natural wood finish is desired. Blended with 105 Epoxy Resin (sold separately), 207 Special Clear Epoxy Hardener will not blush or turn cloudy in humid conditions. Thin film applications roll out and tip off smoothly, requiring less sanding in preparation for finish coatings.

Suitable for Professionals

Professional and first-time builders like 207 Special Clear Hardener because it is reliable, easy to use, as does not blush. Three coats or more can be applied in one day without additional surface preparation. Fewer coats are required to fill fiberglass weave and in most cases, the final coating can be sanded the following day. Boats can be built faster. Builders also appreciate the excellent fiberglass wet-out characteristics achieved with 105 Resin/207 Special Clear Hardener Mixture, yet it won’t drain from vertical surfaces like the very slow curing, low-viscosity epoxies.

Strong Physical Properties

The 105/207 Epoxy Mixture has strong physical properties, so it can be used as a structural adhesive for gluing and laminating. It has excellent compatibility with paints and varnishes. An ultraviolet inhibitor in 207 Special Clear Hardener helps provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish when used with quality UV filtering varnish. The 105/207 Epoxy Mixture cures clear and colorless.

Pouring Epoxy

Warming the resin and hardener to about 80-degree-F before dispensing will the epoxy’s viscosity, enhancing 207 Special Clear Hardener’s good flow characteristics. Epoxy resin and hardener cans may be safely warmed in a water bath. To reduce bubbling, seal the surface before pouring the deeper coating.

Clear Casting Table Tops

Pouring a thick coating or casting onto a table top, bar or counter top creates a popular effect. The 207 Special Clear Epoxy Hardener is especially well suited to these applications. A 1/4-inch thick coating of 105 Resin and 207 Hardener is deep enough to cast objects such as memorabilia into the epoxy for decorative accents.

Brush One or Two Thin Coats

To prevent bubbles outgassing from the surface, brush one or two thin coats of epoxy onto the surfaces. Allow this to reach gelation (about 6 hours at room temperature) before pouring epoxy. If you wait more than 18 hours before pouring your deeper layer of epoxy, be sure to sand the seal coating before pouring the epoxy mixture.

Removing Air Bubbles

A handheld propane torch or heat gun can be used to break the epoxy’s surface tension and help remove air bubbles. First, give the poured epoxy a couple of minutes to self-level. The bubbles should rise to the surface. Then move the heat source rapidly over the area (at roughly one foot per second) to avoid overheating the epoxy. You don’t want the heat source to make the epoxy gel or smoke.

A Beautiful Finish

Allow the final epoxy pour to cure for 24 hours before sanding the surface. When fully cured, the epoxy will sand to a dust. 105 Epoxy Resin with 207 Special Clear Hardener is compatible with many varnishes and polyurethanes. If your clear coated surface will be exposed to sunlight, add a topcoat of the UV protective varnish or a high-quality 2-part polyurethane.

West System 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set (3-Pack)

These 300 Mini Pumps from West System are designed for convenient and accurate metering of Group A, B, and C resin-based epoxy. This 300 Mini Pump Set contains one 105 Epoxy Resin Pump, one 205/206 Epoxy Hardener Pump, and one 207/209 Epoxy Hardener Pump. Pumps mount directly on the resin and hardener containers and eliminate the mess involved with measuring by weight or volume.

Calibrated for Precision

These pumps are calibrated to deliver the proper working ratio with one full pump stroke of resin for each one full pump stroke of hardener. 105/205-206 pumps deliver approximate 0.8 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump. 105/207-209 pumps deliver approximately 0.9 fl oz of resin/hardener with one full stroke of each pump.

For Group A, B, and C Containers

Made of durable polypropylene, the Mini Pumps gives years of dependable service. As packaged, the pumps are ready to install on the Group Size B containers. A package of extension tubes for Group Size A containers is included with this pump set. Group Size C extension tubes are included with the 105-C Resin and 207-SC or 209-SC Hardener containers.

Accurate Metering

West System Epoxy Metering Pumps are calibrated for accurate metering of West System Epoxy Resin and Hardener at the proper mix ratio, while eliminating mess and guesswork. The correct epoxy resin to hardener ratio is important to ensure that the epoxy reaches its full potential for cured physical properties.

Ratio Verification

The ratio of each pair of Mini Pumps is controlled by the installation of a clip, that limits the stroke (and volume) of one or both of the pumps. All Mini Pumps are carefully inspected during this operation and during packaging. But the final test of a pump’s performance can’t be made until it is actually pumping resin or hardener. The ratio verification test described in the instructions confirms that both pumps are dispensing the correct volume and that the ratio of resin to hardener is within a critical narrow range.

Why Use Epoxy Metering Pumps?

Epoxy metering pumps ensure you’re using the correct ratio of resin to hardener, crucial to epoxy performance. Depending on the hardener you select, West System Epoxy is mixed at a ratio of five parts resin to one part hardener, or three parts resin to one part hardener. At the proper mix ratio, the number of chemically reactive sites in the resin balances the number of reactive sites in the hardener. The resin molecules are larger than the hardener molecules, and have few reactive sites, hence the 5:1 or 3:1 ratio. When the mix is stirred thoroughly, the resin and hardener molecules react to develop full strength.

Epoxy Metering Pumps for Fast Dispensing

West System Pumps dispense epoxy faster than any pump they’ve ever offered. These pumps work by trapping a fixed amount of resin and hardener then forcing (displacing) that trapped volume into the discharge tube. These offers improved epoxy pumping performance because changes in viscosity due to temperature change do not affect their performance.

West System 105A Epoxy Resin with 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener and 300 Mini Pumps Set


Size1 Qt.
Pack SizeSingle Pack

West System 105A Epoxy Resin (32 fl oz)


Size32 fl oz
Pack SizeSingle Pack

West System 207SA Special Clear Epoxy Hardener (10.6 fl oz)


Size10.6 fl oz
Pack SizeSingle Pack

West System 300 Mini Pumps Epoxy Metering Pump Set (3-Pack)


Pack Size3-Pack

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