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Rawlings 2019 Quatro USA Youth Baseball Bat (30"/20 oz)
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Hit it out of the park with a brand new bat from Lifestyle by Focus. We carry a wide selection of baseball and softball bats to choose from, so every player can find the right bat for their hitting style. Whether you prefer classic wooden bats or modern composite styles, Lifestyle by Focus has the bats you love for less.

Before you visit the sporting goods store, take a look at Lifestyle by Focus for competitive pricing on top-selling bats. We carry designs by name brands like DeMarini, Easton, Louisville Slugger and more.

Wooden Bats

When choosing a bat, the first thing you’ll want to do is decide which material you prefer. Wooden bats are the classic choice and can be made from any type of wood. The price and weight of the bat will depend on the wood type, though Maple Fungo bats are the most common as Maple is a harder wood and can withstand greater amounts of force without breaking. Wooden bats have smooth finishes and are cut with the grain to prevent splintering. In general, wooden bats are the cheapest variety.

Composite Bats

For less weight and better durability, consider a composite bat. While composite bats cost more, they’re also easier to wield and offer better strength, making them ideal for team practices, baseball derbies and heavy use. Because they are lighter, composite bats offer hitters greater bat speed and more control with a more balanced feel. The material used to make the bats also does a better job of absorbing vibration than traditional wooden bats, so hitters feel less sting in their hands and experience less fatigue.

Whether you prefer wooden or composite bats, you’ll find a great selection of quality styles at Lifestyle by Focus. Shop today for a wide selection of baseball and softball bats to give your team the competitive edge. Enjoy low prices and free shipping on most orders.